Puzzle Hunt Calendar
Jun 26-Nov 14
Enigmatics Weekly Puzzles
Oct 1-10
Teammate Hunt: Matt and Emma's Carnival Conundrum
Oct 2
Talk Like A Pirate Rallye Mountain View, CA
Oct 9
Burn After Solving
Oct 12 (recurring)
Puzzled Pint a city near you?
Oct 16
Compass 2021 (significant donation required)
Oct 23
Puzzle Boat 8 (Tentative)
Nov 13
Arizona Treasure Hunt 70 Phoenix, AZ
Nov 27
P&A Issue 93
Dec 4-13
Silph Puzzle Hunt
Dec 18-27
Puzzle Rojak
Feb, 2022
Test Hunt: The Space Beyond Imagination
Apr 1, 2022
The Worldwide Man-Hunt
Apr 9, 2022
WWU Great Puzzle Hunt Bellingham, WA and online

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Resources of note

Social: Puzzle Hunters (fb), The Game (fb), DASH (fb), inteGIRLS (for middle/high school girls)

Traditions: Arizona Treasure Hunt, The Game, MITMH, The Rallye Club, BANG, EPP, DASH, BAPHL, Puzzled Pint, Mission Street

Puzzle Hunt Calendar is made by Dan Egnor. The Planning Cabal folks are Brent Holman, Jeff Wallace, and Curtis Chen.